Shopping Square

Shopping Square – Willow Valley Lancaster PA

Shopping Center Willow Valley LancasterAt Willow Valley one can find Groceries, Coffee, Pharmaceuticals, Household goods, Gifts, Dry cleaning, Banks, Gasoline. They’re all here and residents and workers love the convenience of Willow Valley. You really don’t have to leave, although we encourage you to get out and see the rest of our wonderful county.

The City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has a peaceful village like feeling about it while at the same time being large enough to have endless opportunities for lively entertainment, recreation, dining, shopping, social events, and beautiful countryside scenery.

Enjoy shopping at over 150 stores including major modern retail outletsas well as smaller botique stores. Lancaster PA offers a wide variety of culinary options for food lovers with restaurants offering the full range of cusine with plenty of choice from the familiar to more exotic global restaurants. Lancaster has a rich history and which can be explored in a number of museums, a gardens, and a Presidential estate.